Box Introduces New Client-Controlled Encryption Tool To Bring Stragglers To The Cloud


Today, Box, a company that sells enterprise file management and collaboration tools, announced ‘Box Enterprise Key Management,’ or EKM. The new service will allow corporate customers of Box to self-store and manage the keys to a second layer of encryption on their data. That takes access of the data out of Box’s hands, giving more control and security to the customer’s information.

Box currently encrypts customer data. EKM is akin to a second wall, the gate to which Box itself cannot open. That means that governments coming to Box and demanding certain user data might be met with a half-shrug from Box: We’d like to help, but we really can’t. The government would then have to go to the client to get the second key, ensuring that the data couldn’t be hoovered up without the knowledge of its owner.

To get the full technology stack in place, Box is working…

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