It’s Well Past Time VCs Hired HR Directors


Those following the Pao/KPCB saga in court yesterday were treated to the testimony of Trae Vassallo, a former Kleiner partner, who claimed on the witness stand that she too was uncomfortably propositioned by Ajit Nazre. Nazre was the Kleiner partner who Pao claims in her lawsuit harassed her after the two had a falling out. Vassallo said in court that when she brought this to the attention of a senior partner, he responded with ?you should be flattered.?

Red Light.

Those familiar with human resources training might be surprised that senior managers were so ignorant of what was taking place at the firm. Sexual harassment training has been a mainstay of the corporate world for most of the time I have been alive, and such training has continued to expand in the 21st century.

Except in venture capital firms.

Here is a modest proposal: any VC firm with…

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