Improv Is The Best Conditioning For Startup Life


Editor’s note: Fayez Mohamood is a co-founder and CEO of Bluecore.

Every New Year, I pick a new hobby – yoga, sailing, something I don’t know how to do – and in 2011, I chose improv comedy. I was absolutely terrified. On day one, I stood onstage and talked with a stranger about hiking for 10 minutes. At the end, 10 strangers critiqued every little thing I did. They told me quirks about my posture, tone and body language that my best friends wouldn’t dare to say. Within a year, I was performing weekly in amateur improv shows.

I began to realize that improv for entrepreneurs was akin to weight lifting for professional football players, minus most of the grunting. It is a training regimen that transforms people into their most powerful and effective selves in a startup environment. It can take a shy software engineer who’s never talked to…

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