Microsoft’s Keyboard Obsession


Microsoft has a little problem and it’s time we all admitted it. We have to gather the family in the living room, sit down Microsoft in the comfy chair and have a little heart to heart. Everybody can see it, except Microsoft — and it could be time for an intervention.

It’s the keyboard thing, Microsoft. Enough already. Design your software to take advantage of a touch screen. Let the keyboard go, dude.

Steve Jobs once said, it was a mistake to think of the tablet as simply a ‘keyboardless laptop.’ What I think he meant by that is that you need to design software to take advantage of the fact it has a touch screen, to rethink the entire workflow, not simply move the same software to the tablet. Think. Be creative.

Apparently, Microsoft missed that — or deliberately chose to ignore it.

The key feature of the Surface tablet?…

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