Netflix Gaffe Subtweet By AT&T Angered This #Brand


Here’s how bad our nation’s net neutrality discussion has become: The #brands are now taking part. This is not a positive development.

To rewind: Netflix CFO David Wells said something that, as reported, incensed nearly everyone alive, regardless of their take on net neutrality regulations:

“Were we pleased it pushed to Title II? Probably not. […] We were hoping there might be a non-regulated solution.”

Sounds spicy, eh? Given Netflix’s long advocacy for not just net neutrality, but strong net neutrality rules, and even specifically use of Title II, to have a senior executive from the company say that was jarring.

Netflix sprung to its own defense, issuing a statement that included the CFO’s full quote, including audio. I present to you that copy (emphasis ours):

“So, over the last year, we’ve been very pleased that we’ve been able to rise the issues beyond that narrow piece out into the public consciousness, and…

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