Facetune’s Maker Debuts Enlight, A Comprehensive Mobile Image Editor


Lightricks, a company known best for its mobile application called Facetune, an image enhancer designed for the “selfie” generation that allows you to correct photos by removing blemishes, adding makeup, slimming your face, and more, is out this morning with its second iOS application – and its first step into the broader world of mobile photo editing. The new app, Enlight, is proposed to be a “Swiss Army Knife” for making changes to mobile photos, including not only image correction, but also filters, tools for decorating photos, and more advanced editing tools that let you do things like reshape the image, overlay images, reshape objects, and more.

The company’s first app, Facetune, to date has seen over 3 million downloads – notable given that it’s a paid application that sells for $2.99 to $3.99. That makes it the #6 best-selling paid iOS app in 2014. The app has also appeared on…

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