PocketLab Is Simplified Wireless Sensing For Science Class


Here’s a neat crowdfunding project that’s aiming to repackage wireless sensor technology as a multi-faceted educational tool that plugs into existing mobile devices and services to encourage kids to engage with science experiments — and even devise and conduct their own experiments. Just add curiosity.

Called PocketLab, it’s a ruggedized wireless sensor that streams real-time data — it’s capable of measuring acceleration, force, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature — to an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet (via Bluetooth 4.0). From there it’s uploaded to PocketLab’s cloud platform where it can be stored, visualized and analyzed (such as via real-time graphs), and integrated with other software (such as Excel and Google Docs).

The team reckons their roughly $100 sensor (up for pre-order via Kickstarter) can replace dedicated educational hardware sensors and probes, made by the likes of Vernier, PASCO, and Texas Instruments, given it has multifunctional sensing abilities that can support a range of experiments.

It also offers…

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