The Net Neutrality Drinking Game


The FCC is about to be taken out back by Congress for a quick word.

The independent federal agency’s recent vote to pass new net neutrality regulations has stirred some discontent among the congressional majority in both houses, resulting in a full dance card for FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler, who will take part in five subsequent hearings over the next several weeks. The first is tomorrow, before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

However, we understand that watching political types argue technicalities and hypotheticals might not be your modus vivendi. As such, TechCrunch has created an accompanying drinking game for the hearings so you can watch along and numb the pain that so often goes hand in hand with watching our august legislators in action.

All the following are paraphrased guidelines. If a rule deals with the concept of, say, free speech, and someone in congress of from the FCC riffs…

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