Slack Gets A Standalone Windows App



If you use Slack on Windows, you’ve probably found yourself feeling a bit… unloved. Despite making up over a quarter of Slack’s user base, using Slack on Windows has always meant running it in a browser tab — unlike with OS X, Android or iOS, there was no dedicated Windows app.

Well, today’s your day. Slack has, at long last, released a Windows app.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Slack is perhaps best described in an overly simple way: It’s a private chatroom for teams. Think Hipchat, but prettier and with the ability to integrate anything from Dropbox to Giphy with just a click.

So why is a dedicated app better?

First and foremost, it just makes jumping in and out of Slack easier. It lets you run Slack in its own window, give it a home in your start menu, and gives you something to alt-tab to that isn’t one…

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