Sosh Brings Concierge, The Uber Of Restaurant Dining, To New York


Sosh has today launched Concierge, the Uber equivalent for dining, in New York city.

Concierge essentially reserves tasting menu inventory for the Sosh community, allowing users to reserve a table at a hot restaurant and pay for their prix fixe meal all through the app. This means the user simply arrives at the restaurant, eats, and bounces out of there, Uber-style. In fact, Concierge even lets users book an Uber through the app to get to their reservation on time.

Concierge has been available in San Francisco since August, but is today launching in its second market with NYC.

The service has performed well in SF, with zero cancellations on the platform and Sosh having filled every single reservation that its partner restaurants have put on the platform. Sosh Concierge not only offers a unified experience from planning a reservation to walking out of the restaurant, but it also…

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