Kryptnostic Hopes To Improve Enterprise Security By Letting Users Search Their Encrypted Files In The Cloud


When it comes to cloud security these days, most enterprises are forced to choose between either making their data accessible, or making it secure. A company called Kryptnostic has technology that could enable them to retain control over their data with fully homomorphic encryption while also having the ability to search within it.

The development behind Kryptnostic’s tech comes at the intersection of two major trends in enterprise computing. The first trend is that more and more businesses are moving their data to the cloud in an effort to make it more accessible by employees, customers and partners. The second is the need for ever-increasing security to protect that data from everyone else who shouldn’t have access to it.

Unfortunately, those two trends are often at odds with one another.

With hacks and data breaches becoming more commonplace, businesses are beginning to require high levels of encryption around their sensitive…

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