The TrackR Bravo Keeps You From Misplacing Your Valuables


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Launching today, the TrackR Bravo is a Bluetooth-powered device that keeps track of things you’d hate to lose.

A bit taller and thicker than a quarter, the new $29 aluminum TrackR is meant to be stuck on your keys, in your wallet or on your dog’s collar so you can track it via map in a corresponding iOS and Android app. The Bravo also comes with adhesive stickers, so you can even attach it to things like the remote that always gets stuck under the couch or between the cushions.

TrackR Bravo

Once you’ve got it on your object of choice, the app lets you choose from a list of preset optiond for what it could be, then registers the object in TrackR’s “Crowd GPS” database. Crowd GPS is TrackR’s solution for getting around the fact that it’s essentially impossible to cram a GPS into a device this size and get…

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