General Assembly And 500 Startups Partner For Accelerator Prep Program


General Assembly and 500 Startups are putting their collective heads together to provide an accelerator prep program designed for alumnae of GA’s programs.

The month long training bootcamp is taking applications now and will give capital and education to companies that include at least one graduate of a General Assembly immersive or part-time course or online circuit.

The program will look to accept at least ten companies, and potentially as many as 20 for its accelerator prep courses.

Successful applicants will receive $8,000 in cash and a $2,000 tuition waiver from 500 Startups in exchange for a 2% equity stake. Those companies that are accepted will also be fast-tracked for the 500 Startups accelerator.

In addition to the money, companies will also get a three-week crash course in the dos and don’ts around accelerators, and a basic overview of what they’ll experience in a program. GA will also give a week-long class on user experience design and…

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