Google Will Not Integrate Its Dart Programming Language Into Chrome


Dart is not coming to Chrome, Google announced today.

The lingua franca of the web is JavaScript, but with Dart, Google launched a project that effectively aimed to replace JavaScript. In Google’s view, Dart offered advantages like static typing and other features that made it a better choice for developers.

The idea was for Google and other browser vendors to integrate Dart right into the browser, but even Google itself never did so (except for launching a special build of Chrome that supported it), and now it looks like it never will.

“In order to do what’s best for our users and the web, and not just Google Chrome, we will focus our web efforts on compiling Dart to JavaScript,” Dart co-founders Lars Bak and Kasper Lund wrote today. “We have decided not to integrate the Dart VM into Chrome.”

Dart always allowed developers to write code in Dart…

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