Facebook Took The Scenic Route, But Now It’s Nailing Mobile


A company can’t easily shore up its weaknesses, especially when it grows to the size of Facebook, but the social network has managed to slowly but surely reinvent itself on mobile in a way that makes sense and resonates with users. FB surely stumbled along the path, and some of its efforts even drew outright scorn, but presumably the ill-fated experiments informed recent successes, and so it’s worth a quick examination of how we got from here, from there.

Early Days

The original Facebook mobile app for iPhone was one of those things that seemed like a knee-jerk reaction to a problem the social network wasn’t exactly sure existed. It did the job, but not with any degree of elegance or special ability to delight. It wasn’t until CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted their cross-platform approach was insufficient to the task and focused on native experiences that the core Facebook app became something…

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