Meerkat Strikes Back At Periscope With New Ways To Follow


With Twitter’s much more polished live-streaming app Periscope now on the market, Meerkat needs to strengthen its own social graph to keep users from straying to its new competitor. So today Meerkat for iOS was updated with recommendations of people to follow, a way to follow people from inside streams, and ways to discover streams your friends like. It’s also trying to neutralize some Periscope talking points like Meerkat being too publicly chatty by letting users opt out of syndicating their comments to Twitter.

Meerkat founder Ben Rubin tells me the features are designed “to overcome the fact that we don’t have access to users’ Twitter social graph. This is just the first step. :) ”

Periscope and Meerkat have some distinct differences, like Periscope’s optional replays and private streams versus Meerkat’s always-public forced ephemerality. Still, they’re definitely fighting for a similar audience.

Periscope Screenshots Screenshots from Periscope show me live-streaming the

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