And Just Like Magic, GoButler Is A Virtual Assistant Founded By Ex-Rocket Internet Execs


“Text us to get whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you are – it’s really simple and cool,” says GoButler co-founder CEO Navid Hadzaad.

He could of course be describing Magic, the Silicon Valley startup (and Y Combinator alum) that offers an SMS-based virtual assistant and promises to get you anything on-demand.

Unlike Magic, however, GoButler is based in Berlin, Germany. Along with Hadzaad, who was previously co-founder of on-demand laundry app ZipJet, the company is founded by a number of other ex-Rocket Internet executives.

[pullquote author=”Navid Hadzaad” align=”right”]We can already see the traction and lock-in effects by relationships built with customers.[/pullquote]And whilst GoButler can be seen as a Rocket Internet-styled clone, in one aspect at least, it represents a very un-Rocket-like story: Hadzaad and his team launched GoButler in early March as a weekend project, but within 48 hours had quit their jobs at Rocket, raised seed funding…

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