Feds Nabbed For Big Bitcoin Heist Involving Gox And Silk Road


New information in the Silk Road case is sending ripples of schadenfreude through the cryptocurrency community as it reacts to a foiled effort by two US Federal Agents to skim thousands of Bitcoin out of Silk Road and Mt. Gox coffers.

According to a statement issued by the United States Department of Justice on Monday, two federal agents are charged with wire fraud, money laundering and falsifying government documents for stealing Bitcoin while working on the Silk Road investigation.

The agents were part of a Baltimore-based task force investigating the Silk Road marketplace. Their mission included the task of building a relationship with Ross Ulbricht (aka ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ the accused owner of Silk Road who was found guilty last month). The two agents leveraged their status as federal agents to mislead, pressure, and personally profit from their activities during the investigation – all of it which went unreported or…

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