Signal Media Gets $1.8M For Its NLP Market Intelligence Platform


Sorting the signal from the noise is an increasingly tedious task for anyone spending time online. London-based startup Signal Media is using that as an opportunity to build a business out of automating real-time information gathering and filtering — crawling more than 75,000 online news sources, 3.5 million blogs, 100 social networks, plus research publications and other unstructured data sources so its customers don’t have to.

And doing so in a more flexible and accessible way that incumbent media monitoring services such as Precise and Cision, according to co-founder David Benigson. Signal’s SaaS business is being positioned between “unwieldy” and expensive legacy platforms on the one side, and freebie consumer apps like Google Alerts, Feedly and even Flipboard which are easy enough to use but don’t have powerful enough features for enterprise customers’ needs.

“When we founded Signal we saw a gap in the marketplace between those two groups. Could we apply some of the user interface…

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