Trickey Is A Dinky Hardware Keyboard For Just Your Favorite Shortcuts


Ever felt like there are too many keys on your full size keyboard when all you need to do for the next hour is press Ctrl+Z? Of course you have. Trickey is a nifty little hardware project that’s aiming to fix that by letting you replace a full size USB keyboard with a dinky unit that consists of whatever keys you happen to need for that game or graphics package — in whatever configuration you fancy. Saving on desk space and wrist movements in the process.

Just plug in Trickey’s replaceable keys wherever you want them in the sockets provided on the board and use the companion key writing software to customize the keys to your requirements. So you could have a physical keyboard that only consists of cursor keys, or spec out the specific numbers and letters needed for a particular game or piece of editing software. You can also save on key presses by creating single keys to represent combination…

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