Onion Omega Brings Web Smarts To IoT Hardware Hacking


The Raspberry Pi made experimenting with computing hardware and software more accessible to millions, and now a new project wants to take that concept further with an even smaller developer board that runs full Linux and has built-in Wi-Fi, all on a circuit board just 1/4 of the size of the Raspberry Pi.

The Onion Omega is a dev platform designed to give software developers an easy way to create Internet of Things applications without having to build their own hardware from the ground up, or modify other products to suit their own needs. The Onion Omega is designed to be easy to add to existing hardware projects, providing them with Wi-Fi capabilities, as wells a Linux-based OS, 16MB of local storage, and 64MB of DDR2 400MHz RAM, as well as pins supporting USB 2.0 and 100Mbps Ethernet.

Onion Omega’s creators, which include core team members located in Boston, Toronto…

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