This 3D-Printed Hydroponic System Snaps Together Like Pot-Laced LEGO


As we move towards a 420 future, hydroponic systems for a bit of homegrown foliage will be in great demand. The folks at 3Dponics are ready. They’ve announced a sort of modular hydroponic garden that snaps together like stoner LEGO and feature little pots, shields, and filters for your wee buds.

The 3Dponics folks are planning to release more information later this week but presumably anyone with a 3D printer can manufacture a fairly large hydroponic system with a little effort.

Much like Legos, the components snap into place together, allowing you to make your garden as big or as little as you want it. All you have to do is top up the reservoir with water (or nutrient solution) every week or so.

Remember, cannabis is a very adaptable plant, so it can grow in practically any climate. As a result, hydroponic systems can be a very effective means…

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