Interesting Challenges to Science

Interesting video, even if you are not a Christian. Heck, I would love to see atheists beet this guy in a debate.

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Why I am anti-war. A review of Mathew 24

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Your own plugin lib for your .NET application

The code sample below assumes that you have your interface class wrapped in another assembly. And that your DLLs are based on that assembly.
If anything varies from this, then the code below will not work.


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Reflection;

In your main method.

string appPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(Application.ExecutablePath);
string filePath = System.IO.Path.Combine(appPath,"Plugins"); //Directory of where your plugins are stored.
string[] dllList = Directory.GetFiles(filePath);

foreach (string dll in dllList)
    Assembly o = Assembly.LoadFile(dll);
    List<Type> types = o.GetTypes().Where(n => n.GetInterface("IMyInterfaceClass") != null).ToList(); //Limit to only useful types.
    if (types.Count > 0)
        MyDLLAssembliesList.Add((MyInterfaceAssembly.IMyInterface) o.CreateInstance(types[0].FullName));
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Licensing and why it is just more enslavement.

[Public Draft. Expect more on this topic.]

If a person is not harming another person, and would not under normal circumstance be harmful, then that service should not need a license.

Services that should not need licensing:

  • Kids selling lemonade would not normally harm anyone.
  • Kids shoveling snow would not normally harm anyone.
  • Adults making and selling food would not normally harm anyone.
  • Adults rubbing my food for a price would not normally harm anyone.
  • People building or repairing items would not normally harm anyone.
  • Growing food in your own property, to sell to other people, would not normally harm anyone.
  • Providing spiritual guidance and counseling would not normally harm anyone.
  • Providing any other goods or service that does not normally harm another person.

Services that should need a license:

  • Waging war
  • Incarcerating people
  • Killing people outside of war
  • Ignoring the state (Or federal, for US) constitution

Since the state has the monopoly on violence, extortion, and murder, the state should be required to be licensed by the super majority people who are also not paid by the state.

Better yet. Get rid of the state.

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Theft or Slavery

For some reason we have a society that has grown up believing that Slavery and Theft are moral.

If a mobster comes up to you and says you are not allowed to sell your produce without paying for a slip of paper from him to authorize the sale, you are being setup to be stolen from. So this mobster is saying that you doing business with another person is now illegal by his standards because you are not including him in the process.

But lets go further on this. The same mobster decides that you must provide him a percentage of what you make on the transaction, or he will take it from you with penalties. Normally, this mobster is mostly powerless. You would just apply a little self defense to keep him at bay.

This mobster though, has cronies that he has hired to enforce his will, and you are paying not just for the mobster, but his cronies.

But this mobster isn’t satified with threatening you with his enforcement class, he has decided that everyone in his territory must be disarmed. But disarming people by force is not practical. So he sows the seeds of fear, so that the people disarm themselves out of fear of the weapons. And he bribes people with the money that he has stolen to “buy back” weapons from people that need monetary incentives to turn in their weapons.

But it isn’t even stopping there. This Mobster gives away a small part of his stolen lucre to people to bribe them into believing that they cannot survive without him. Sure, he invests into those services that make his job easier, that also have benefit to his victums, but these expenditures come with more expenses that he uses to justify stealing more money.

This mobster doesn’t even stop there, he works with other mobsters and other cronies, that when the time comes that he steps down, he ends up having a replacement that repreats his program, and gets used to the personal wealth in duplicating the process.

However, this mobster, in his desire for power, also works with the wealthy of the business nobels, to make laws that fafor them. Effectively creating regional and small market monopolies.

This mobster, in his coordination with the business nobles, his personal cronies, and others, make sure that when the people have the opportunity to replace him, only replace him with a junor version of him, who will preserve the status quo, but with different words and faces.

In the end, would you still allow this mobster to continue to terrorize you, if you saw this coming? Well, you do. And you are. And this mobster is called government.

With the word government attached to anything, it seems to become “moral”, even though it is amoral. Government Theft = Taxation. Government Enslavement = Prohibitions and Licensing. Iminant domain = Enslavement. Civil Forfeiture = Theft.

The next time you tell me that government is nessesary, you are telling me that theft, and slavery is nessesary. Government is not moral.

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Sometimes you just have to rebuild the CSS

Sometimes you just have to rebuild the CSS from the ground up.

Changed the layout, and a large amount of the CSS.

Didn’t touch the HTML, but then this was a purchased skin for WordPress.

What a pain.

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Porting an ASP.NET application to Unix using Mono – Issues, reasons and solutions

This article has been guest blogged by Tatiana Kochedykova.

To run an existing ASP.NET app on Unix/Linux, you can proceed in different ways: rewrite it from scratch using the new ASP.NET 5 framework or fall back upon Mono, a free and open source .NET Framework-compatible set of tools including, among others, a C# compiler and a Common Language Runtime. 


When we decided to run our ASP.NET application (ONLYOFFICE Community Server) on Linux, we had a choice between rewriting it from scratch or using Mono. We’ve chosen the Mono project.

The first attempt to make our application cross-platform was taken 4 years ago, but it failed. At that time Mono had a few limitations in porting an ASP.NET application from Windows to Unix. In particular, there was incomplete support for WCF (it lacked some critical features) and bugs in ASP.NET MVC. However, the Mono project has since then been actively developed by its community, thereby achieving the full support for .NET 4.0 and 4.5 features. That allowed us to restart our work in spring 2013. But even so, we faced many challenges for the first six months to make it work. We encountered problems whose description was not yet provided, and we solved them through trial and error approach

In this article, we’d like to share our experience, describe the issues we faced in the process – their reasons and solutions.

Read the rest here:

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